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How BSeen on Social Media Began

3 May 2020

In early 2019 I was needing a change, having worked as a Real Estate Agent for 18 years I was keen to do something different. I was approached to assist someone who specialised in managing the Social Media platforms for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Offices. During this period I not only assisted her in her business but also had the opportunity to take on my own clients outside of Real Estate so BSeen on Social Media was born. 

I began this business in February 2020, just prior to Covid-19 entering New Zealand. It has turned out to be a difficult time to start a business but it has provided me with plenty of time to ensure my systems and processes are in place. Having completed a Diploma in Project Management last year I know how important it is to keep a track of everything to ensure things progress smoothly. 

I have quite a few clients already, all whom have stayed with me for several months now, even during this downturn in the economy. I'm looking forward to growing my business and helping other small businesses flourish. 

Michelle Beach